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Michelle Bezark
PhD candidate, History, Northwestern University

Dissertation: "The 'Better Baby Bill:' The Sheppard-Towner Act and the Origins of State-Sponsored Welfare"


Bridget Cho
PhD candidate, Clinical Child Psychology, University of Kansas

Dissertation: "Parents’ Childhood and Current Adversity, Emotion Dysregulation, and Parenting Behaviors"


Gracelyn H. Cruden
PhD candidate, Health Policy and Management, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Dissertation: "Group Model Building for Evidence Based Prevention Program Selection in North Carolina to Prevent Child Maltreatment"


Annie Davis
PhD candidate, Clinical Psychology, The Catholic University of America

Dissertation: "The Role of Consultative Alliance in Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation"

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Yonah Drazen
PhD candidate, Social Work, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Dissertation: "Turnover in Child Welfare: Understanding job attachment and the quitting process among child welfare workers in Wisconsin"


Wendy R. Ellis
PhD candidate, Health Policy, George Washington University

Dissertation: "Building Community Resilience: A Public Health Approach to Addressing Adverse Childhood Experiences and Adverse Community Environments"


Kenneth Feder
PhD candidate, Mental Health, Johns Hopkins

Dissertation: "Collateral Consequences of the United States Opioid Epidemic for Children"


Tyler Hein
PhD candidate, Developmental Psychology, University of Michigan

Dissertation: "Parsing the Effects of Child Maltreatment on Neurodevelopment and Mental Health"


Catherine Kuhns
PhD candidate, Developmental Science, University of Maryland

Dissertation: "The influence of stress and social support on parenting behaviors among low-income families: mediational pathways to children's cognitive and social development"


Alysse Melville Loomis
PhD candidate, Social Work, University of Connecticut

Dissertation: "The possibilities of preschool as a protective factor to prevent child abuse and neglect: The role of teachers and parents in supporting early self-regulation and child wellbeing"


Natalia Orendain
PhD candidate, Neuroscience, University of California, Los Angeles

Dissertation: "The impact of adversity on structural neurodevelopment: Neural correlates of abuse and deprivation in children and adolescents"

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Christina Padilla
PhD candidate, Psychology, Human Development, and Public Policy, Georgetown University

Dissertation: "The Role of Head Start Parent Outreach and Classroom Quality in Promoting Positive Parent-Child Interactions"


Sarah Prendergast
PhD candidate, Applied Developmental Science, Colorado State University

Dissertation: "Latent Profiles and Trajectories of Family Resilience: A Strengths-Based Approach to Child Maltreatment Prevention and Promotion of Early Achievement"


Aditi Srivastav
PhD candidate, Public Health, University of South Carolina

Dissertation: "Helping Our Kids Thrive: Understanding and Effectively Communicating the Role of Protective Factors in Addressing Adverse Childhood Experiences Through Policy Efforts"


Lindsay Zajac
PhD candidate, Clinical Science, University of Delaware

Dissertation: "The Effects of an Early Parenting Intervention, Attachment in Infancy, and Social information Processing on Maltreated Youth's Peer Relations in Middle Childhood"