Kristin Abner

PhD, Sociology, University of Illinois-Chicago

Dissertation: "Child Maltreatment, Child Welfare Intervention, and Child Outcomes: Contextual and Individual Inequalities"


Aaron Banman
University of Nebraska, Omaha

PhD, Social Work, University of Chicago

Dissertation: "Organizational Factors Influencing Father Engagement in Early Home Visitation Programs"


Emily Bosk
Rutgers University

PhD, Sociology and Social Work, University of Michigan

Dissertation: "No Longer Neglecting Neglect: Moving from Intervention to Prevention"


Kate Daderko
Seattle Psychology

PhD, School Psychology, University of Washington

Dissertation: "Studying the Protective Influence of a Therapeutic Childcare Center on School Readiness and Academic Success for Maltreated Children: An Exploratory Investigation"


Jackie Duron
Rutgers University

PhD, Social Work, University of Houston

Dissertation: "Child Sexual Abuse Forensic Interviews: Factors that Predict Status of Legal Proceedings"


Megan Finno-Velasquez
New Mexico State University

PhD, Social Work, University of Southern California

Dissertation: "Formal and Informal Family Support Service Use Among Latino Immigrant Families with Involvement in the Child Welfare System"


Brooks Keeshin
University of Utah

MD, University of Cincinnati

Dissertation: "Unsubstantiated Children: How Child Advocacy Centers Might Prevent Child Abuse"


Justin "Jay" Miller
University of Kentucky

PhD, Social Work, University of Louisville

Dissertation: "Mapping Success in Foster Care: A Maltreatment Prevention Imperative"


Byron Powell
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Gillings School of Global Public Health

PhD, Social Work, Washington University in St. Louis 

Dissertation: "A Mixed Methods Multiple Case Study of "Implementation as Usual" in Children’s Social Service Organizations"


Tia McGill Rogers
Harvard University T.H. Chan School of Public Health

PhD, Public Health, Georgia State University

Dissertation: "The Impact of Parental Trauma Exposure and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder on Parental Responses to an Evidence-Based Child Maltreatment Prevention Program"


Whitney Rostad
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

PhD, Developmental Psychology, University of Montana

Dissertation: "Examining the Effectiveness of the Circle of Security Parenting DVD Program: The Role of Reflective Functioning"


William Schneider
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

PhD, Social Work, Columbia University

Dissertation: "Paternal Parenting: Determinants and Practices of Father Involvement and Child Wellbeing"


Kristen Seay
University of South Carolina

PhD, Social Work, Washington University in St. Louis 

Dissertation: "A Mixed Methods Study of the Pathways from Caregiver Substance Abuse to Child Harm"


Amanda Van Scoyoc
Yale Child Study Center

PhD, Clinical Psychology, University of Oregon 

Dissertation: "Motivators and Pathways to Substance Abuse Treatment Success During Pregnancy"


Jessica Wilen
Yale Child Study Center

PhD, Social Work, Bryn Mawr College

Dissertation: "A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Psychosocial Interventions for Adults who were Sexually Abused as Children"