Developmental Psychology, Georgetown University
Cohort Seven Fellow

Christina Padilla.jpg

Academic Mentor
Rebecca Ryan, PhD
Associate Professor, Georgetown University

Policy Mentor
Melissa Lim Brodowski, PhD
Strategic Initiatives Lead, Office of Regional Operations, Administration for Children and Families

Current Institutional Affiliation
Office of the State Superintendent of Education’s Division of Early Learning: Post-Doctoral State Policy Intern (SRCD)

Areas of Expertise
Early Childhood Education and Initiatives, Preschool-aged Children, Low-Income Families and Individuals


Dr. Christina Padilla is a Society for Research in Child Development Postdoctoral State Policy Fellow at the Office of the State Superintendent of Education’s Division of Early Learning. She received her PhD in the department of Psychology at Georgetown University. Her research focuses on the individual and combined role of parental investments and early education experiences on children’s school readiness, as well as differences in investments between groups of parents, including parents differing by socioeconomic and nativity status. She is also interested in studying the unique role fathers play in child development. Christina holds a Master's in Public Policy from Georgetown University and a BA in Psychology from Johns Hopkins University. Prior to starting her doctoral program, Dr. Padilla worked on several longitudinal studies on parenting and family dynamics at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development's section on Child and Family Research.