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Alex Busuito.jpeg

Alex Busuito
PhD candidate, Child Clinical Psychology, Pennsylvania State University

Dissertation: "The Intergenerational Reach of Childhood Maltreatment: Effects on Self-Regulation during Early Parenthood"

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Scott Delaney
PhD candidate, Social Epidemiology, Harvard University

Dissertation: "Childhood Threatening Experiences, Brain Morphology, and Aggressive Behavior"

Kelli Dickerson.jpg

Kelli Dickerson
PhD candidate, Developmental Psychology, University of California, Irvine

Dissertation: "Promoting Empathy and Prosocial Behavior in Maltreated Children"

Hannah Espeleta.JPG

Hannah Espeleta
PhD candidate, Clinical Psychology, Oklahoma State University

Dissertation: "Fostering Hope: A Multi-Method Approach to Evaluating Pediatric Medical Homes for Youth in Foster Care"

Sophia Frank.jpg

Sophia Frank
PhD candidate, School Psychology, University of Minnesota

Dissertation: "An Exploratory Study of Trauma Screening Procedures and Instruments in Schools"

Stephanie Gusler.jpg

Stephanie Gusler
PhD candidate, Clinical Child Psychology, University of Kansas

Dissertation: "Mechanisms underlying the association between parents’ childhood maltreatment on their children’s current experience of family dysfunction"

Julia Hernandez.jpg

Julia Hernández
Arizona State University Center for Child Well-being

PhD, Social Welfare, University of California, Berkeley

Using practice based research to identify and promote familial supports for maltreated children.

Reeve Kennedy.jpg

Reeve Kennedy
PhD candidate, Sociology, University of New Hampshire

Dissertation: "Bullying Trends in the United States and an Analysis of the Impact of Prevention Programs on Both Relational Bullying and Gender"


Katherine Marcal
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

PhD, Social Work, Washington University in St. Louis

Applying community-based system science methods to investigate and improve service delivery for homeless families with children.

Prerna Martin.jpg

Prerna Martin
PhD candidate, Child Clinical Psychology, University of Washington

Dissertation: "Global is Local and Local is Global: A Mixed Methods Study to Select & Tailor Implementation Strategies for Reducing Child Maltreatment in Low-Resource Settings"

Brittany Mihalec-Adkins.jpg

Brittany Paige Mihalec-Adkins
PhD candidate, Human Development & Family Studies, Purdue University

Dissertation: "Don't you want your child back?!" Untangling the psychosocial influences on parental engagement in child welfare interventions"

Christina Mondi.jpg

Christina Mondi-Rago
PhD candidate, Developmental and Clinical Psychology, University of Minnesota

Dissertation: "Early Childhood Educational Intervention and Psychological Wellbeing: A Longitudinal Investigation in a Low-Income, Urban Sample"

Debby Moon.jpg

Deborah J. Moon
University of Pittsburgh, School of Social Work

PhD, Social Welfare, University of Kansas

Dissertation: "Preventing Maltreatment through Trauma-Informed Integrated Primary Care: A Realist Evaluation of Community-Based Organizational Change-Efforts"

Katherine Ridge.jpg

Katherine Ridge
PhD candidate, Child Development and School Psychology, University of Minnesota

Dissertation: "Effects of Maltreatment on Children's Selective Trust"

Maria Schweer-Collins.jpg

Maria Schweer-Collins
PhD candidate, Prevention Science, University of Oregon 

Dissertation: "Using a Differential Response Framework to Examine Process and Outcomes of Evidence-Based Parent Coaching with Families At-Risk for Child Maltreatment"