Angela Cause
PhD candidate, Social Work and Social Research, Portland State University

Dissertation: "Child Neglect and Poverty as it Influences Disproportionality: A Multi-System Prevention Approach"


Christina Danko
University of Maryland

PhD, Clinical Psychology, Child Track, DePaul University

Dissertation: "The Effect of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy on Strengthening the Attachment Relationship with Foster Parents and Children in Foster Care"


Carly B. Dierkhising
California State University-Los Angeles School of Criminal Justice and Criminalistics

PhD, Developmental Psychology, University of California-Riverside

Dissertation: "The Nature and Scope of Abuse and Revictimization in Juvenile Institutions"

grace hubel 1.jpg

Jennifer Geiger
University of Illinois at Chicago Jane Addams College of Social Work

PhD, Social Work, Arizona State University

Dissertation: "Are Foster Youth at Risk of Child Abuse and Neglect as Parents?: Examining Parenting Attitudes and Practices among Youth from the Foster Care System"


Grace S. Hubel
College of Charleston

PhD, Clinical Psychology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln 

Dissertation: "Reducing Risk for and Preventing Child Maltreatment in Early Head Start Families"


Tamara Hurst
University of Southern Mississippi

PhD, Social Work, University of Georgia

Dissertation: "Primary Prevention of the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children"


J. Bart Klika
Prevent Child Abuse America

PhD, Social Work, University of Washington

Dissertation: "The Role of Life-Course Resilience Processes in Breaking Intergenerational Patterns of Abuse and Neglect"


Paul Lanier
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

PhD, Social Work, Washington University in St. Louis

Dissertation: "Maltreatment Prevention, Child Outcomes, and Policy Implications of Nurses for Newborns Home Visitation Program" 


Jaymie Lorthridge

PhD, Social Work, University of Southern California

Dissertation: "Examining System Changes: Contributors to Change and Outcomes"


Kathryn Maguire-Jack
Ohio State University

PhD, Social Work, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dissertation: "Variation in Child Maltreatment across Wisconsin Counties: The Impact of Prevention Program Array"


Sandra Nay McCourt
Social Science Research Institute at Duke University

PhD, Clinical Psychology, Duke University

Dissertation: "Resilience Following Experience of Child Maltreatment: A Longitudinal Investigation of Academic and Behavioral Competence"


Kerrie Ocasio
West Chester University

PhD, Social Work, Rutgers University       

Dissertation: "How Families Understand and Address Their Needs: Examining Voluntary Service Provision in an Empowerment-Based Family Resource and Support Program"


Kerri Raissian
University of Connecticut

PhD, Public Administration and International Affairs, Syracuse University

Dissertation: "What Impact can Public Policy have on Child and Family Violence?"


Lisa Schelbe
Florida State University College of Social Work

PhD, Social Work, University of Pittsburgh

Dissertation: "An Ethnography of Youth 'Aging Out' of the Child Welfare System"


Tova B. Walsh
University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Social Work

PhD, Social Work, University of Michigan

Dissertation: "The Transition to Fatherhood: Exploring Potential and Promise for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect"