PhD, Social Work, University of Connecticut
Cohort Seven Fellow


Academic Mentor
Cristina Wilson, PhD
Associate Professor, University of Connecticut School of Social Work

Policy Mentor
Judith Meyers
President & CEO, Child Health and Development Institute

Current Institutional Affiliation
The University of Utah, College of Social Work: Assistant Professor

Areas of Expertise
Early Childhood Education and Initiatives, Mental Health and Well-Being, Preschool-aged Children


Dr. Alysse Loomis is an Assistant Professor at the University of Utah College of Social Work. Her research focuses on understanding and addressing the impact of early childhood trauma and adversity within the preschool context. Prior to receiving her PhD at the University of Connecticut, Alysse worked as a clinician for an evidence-based, early childhood maltreatment prevention model developed in the state of Connecticut. Alysse holds a BA in Psychology and an MSW in Social Work, both from the University of Connecticut.