Jenna Montgomery Armstrong
PhD candidate, School Psychology, North Carolina State University

Dissertation: "Effectiveness of evidence-based parent training in reduction of maltreatment risk for young children experiencing homelessness"


Karmel Choi
PhD candidate, Clinical Psychology, Duke University

Dissertation: "Intergenerational transmission of childhood maltreatment and its sequelae: The mediating role of postpartum depression"


Kyndra Cleveland
Vanderbilt University

PhD, Developmental Psychology, University of California-Irvine

Dissertation: "Parental Engagement in the Dependency System: Intervening on Behalf of Families"


Charlotte Heleniak
PhD candidate, Clinical Psychology, University of Washington

Dissertation: "Violence Exposure, Social Cognition, and Aggression"


Elizabeth Jarpe-Ratner
PhD candidate, Community Health Sciences, University of Illinois-Chicago

Dissertation: "From District Policy to Youth Engagement: Incorporating Youth Perspectives into an Evaluation of the Chicago Public Schools’ Comprehensive Sex Education Policy"


Francie Julien-Chinn
PhD candidate, Social Work, Arizona State University

Dissertation: "Applying the ecological systems theory to a child welfare agency: Examining the association between organizational culture and climate and individual level factors"


Ericka M. Lewis
PhD candidate, Social Work, Washington University in St. Louis

Dissertation: "No Father Left Behind: Exploring Positive Father Involvement as a Protective Factor in the Prevention of Neglect and Adverse Child Outcomes"


Francesca Longo
PhD candidate, Applied Development and Educational Psychology, Boston College

Dissertation: "Two-Generation Approach to Promoting Children’s Emotional and Behavioral Regulation: Can Parent and Child Training Promote Child Well-Being and Improve Parent-Child Interactions?"



Kelly Jedd McKenzie
PhD candidate, Child Development, University of Minnesota

Dissertation: "Neural Correlates of Risk and Resilience following Childhood Maltreatment"


Elizabeth Miller
PhD candidate, Clinical Psychology, Pennsylvania State University

Dissertation: "Social Information Processing Deficits and Economic Stress in Rural Fathers: Informing Child Maltreatment Prevention with an Understudied Parent Population"



Nathanael Okpych
PhD candidate, Social Work, University of Chicago

Dissertation: "Make or Break: A Quantitative Study of College-going and College Leaving among Older Foster Care Youth"


Jared Parrish
Alaska Department of Health and Human Services

PhD, Epidemiology, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Dissertation: "Quantifying methodological challenges in maltreatment research through novel data linkages, outcome classification, and exploratory risk-set modeling"


Cassandra Robertson
PhD candidate, Sociology, Harvard University

Dissertation: "Intergenerational Economic Mobility: Policies and Processes that Improve Children’s Life Chances"


Judith C. Scott
PhD candidate, Applied Child Development, Tufts University

Dissertation: "Raising a Hand Against Young African American Children: The Effects on Mental Health Outcomes and Consideration of Moderating Cultural Factors"


Emily Warren
Johns Hopkins University

PhD, Social Work, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dissertation: "Housing hardship among low-income families with children: Examining the role of tax benefits for relieving housing stress and improving family functioning"