April Allen
Resilient Futures, LLC & Brandeis University

PhD, Public Policy, Brandeis University

Dissertation: "The Letter, but not the Spirit, of the Law: Connecting Maltreated Children to Early Intervention through Mandated Referral"


Kaela Byers
Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago

PhD, Social Welfare, University of Kansas

Dissertation: "Buffering the Effects of Toxic Stress in Early Childhood: Screening and Intervention for the Prevention of Childhood Social-Emotional Disorders and Family System Disruption"


Barbara Chaiyachati
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and Yale School of Medicine

MD, Yale University

Dissertation: "Nurturing Families Network: Analysis of an established statewide home visiting program to prevent child maltreatment"


Megan Feely
University of Connecticut

PhD, Social Work, Washington University in St. Louis

Dissertation: "Utilizing Measures Harmonization and Structural Equation Models to Develop Comprehensive and Practical Models of Social and Emotional Well-being of Maltreated Children"


Colleen Katz
Hunter College

PhD, Social Work, University of Chicago

Dissertation: "Disabling the Cycle of Violence: The role of cognitive patterns in the perpetration of intimate partner violence (IPV) by formerly maltreated youth"


Elisa Kawam
Western New Mexico University

PhD, Social Work, Arizona State University

Dissertation: "The relevance of parent trauma symptoms to service engagement and 12-month permanency outcomes: a study of model baby courts"


Chie Kotake
Interdisciplinary Evaluation Research at Tufts University

PhD, Child Development, Tufts University

Dissertation: "Resilience in adolescent mothers: Breaking the link between depression and child maltreatment by fostering sensitive parenting"


Joseph Mienko
University of Washington

PhD, Social Work, University of Washington

Dissertation: "Child Neglect as a Problem of Poverty: Theoretical Foundations and the Role of Direct and Indirect Wealth Transfer Programs"


Sheridan Miyamoto
Pennsylvania State University

PhD, Nursing, University of California-Davis

Dissertation: "Predicting Serious Physical Abuse in Young Children Previously Evaluated By Child Protective Services"


Jennifer A. Mortensen
University of Nevada-Reno

PhD, Family Studies and Human Development, University of Arizona

Dissertation: "The Protective Role of the Caregiving Relationship in Child Care for Infants and Toddlers from High Risk Families"


Carlomagno Panlilio
Pennsylvania State University

PhD, Human Development and Quantitative Methodology, University of Maryland 

Dissertation: "Maltreated children and academic achievement: The contribution of early language, emotion regulation, and parenting"


Megan Hayes Piel
The University of Texas at San Antonio

PhD, Social Work, Arizona State University

Dissertation: "'Uncharted Territory': Experiences of Foster Care Youth Navigating the Mental Health System as They Age Out of Care


Elizabeth Shuey
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

PhD, Child Development, Tufts University

Dissertation: "The Neighborhood Context of Child Care Selection and Child Well-Being Among Immigrant Families"


Jalika Street
Atlanta VA Medical Center

PhD, Psychology, Georgia State University

Dissertation: "Individual Resiliency Factors (Cultural-coping, Spirituality, Self-efficacy, and Community Connectedness): Protecting against Partner Abuse and the Revictimization of Low-income African American Women with a History of Abuse as Children"


Natalia Walsh
University of California, San Diego

PhD, Clinical Psychology, San Diego State University/University of California-San Diego

Dissertation: "Participant Engagement in a Foster Parent Training Intervention"