Clinton Boyd, Jr.
PhD candidate, Sociology, Georgia State University

Dissertation: "Neighborhood Quality and Child Well-Being: Exploring How Neighborhood Characteristics Influence the Parenting Practices of Low-Income and Middle-Income African American Fathers"


Scott Brown
PhD candidate, Community Research and Action, Vanderbilt University

Dissertation: "Stable Housing, Stable Families, Resilient Children: Do housing interventions for families that have experienced homelessness have radiating effects on child well-being and child welfare system involvement?"


Lindsey Bullinger
PhD candidate, Public Policy, Indiana University

Dissertation: "More Money, Fewer Problems? The Impact of Income-Related Policies on Children's Well-being"


Christina DeNard
University of Illinois at Chicago

PhD, Social Welfare, University of Pennsylvania

Dissertation: "Child Welfare Caseworker Referrals: The A Pivotal Role in the Uptake of EBPs"


Andrea Eastman
PhD candidate, Social Work, University of Southern California

Dissertation: "An Examination of Child Protective Service Involvement among Children Born to Young Mothers in Foster Care"


Julia Fleckman
Tulane University

PhD, Public Health, Tulane University

Dissertation: "Exploring Socio-Ecological Supports to Promote Healthy Child Development and Reduce Risk for Child Physical Abuse"


Kelley Fong
PhD candidate, Sociology and Social Policy, Harvard University

Dissertation: "Protection from Child Protection: How Poor Urban Mothers Understand and Strategize Around the Child Welfare System"


Alison Giovanelli
PhD candidate, Developmental Psychopathology and Clinical Science, University of Minnesota

Dissertation: "Adverse Childhood Experiences and Adult Well-Being: The Impacts of an Early Childhood Intervention Program"


Lindsay Huffhines
PhD candidate, Clinical Psychology, University of Kansas

Dissertation: "Maltreatment, Family Environment, and Health Outcomes in Foster Youth: A Longitudinal Latent Class Analysis"


Rachel Katz
Massachusetts Department of Public Health

PhD, Child Study and Human Development, Tufts University

Dissertation: "Child Care as a Protective Factor for At-Risk Young Children: Potential Mechanisms and Long-Term Outcomes"


Melissa Marquardt
Private Practice

PhD, Clinical Psychology, University of Oregon

Dissertation: "Using a Strength-Based Video Coaching Program to Promote Positive Parenting Practices and Prevent Child Maltreatment"


Anika Schenck-Fontaine
Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories

PhD, Public Policy, Duke University

Dissertation: "Parenting in Times of Economic Recession"


Jennifer Daer Shields
PhD candidate, Clinical Psychology, Oklahoma State University

Dissertation: "Protecting our Children through Family Engagement: An Evaluation of Factors Influencing Participant Attrition in the Treatment of Youth with Problematic Sexual Behavior"


Kate Stepleton
PhD candidate, Social Work, Rutgers University

Dissertation: "Health Care Case Management as a Preventive Intervention: Examining Effects on Child Welfare Outcomes Mediated by Behavioral Health Care Access"


Lindsey E.G. Weil
Stanford University / Lucile Packard Children's Hospital

PhD, Clinical Psychology, Northwestern University

Dissertation: "Prevention of Accidental, Sleep-Related Infant Deaths: Current Sleep Practices, Caregiver Beliefs, and Promotion of Safe Sleep Practices through Effective Preventive Interventions"