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Leah Bartley
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

PhD, Social Work, University of Maryland-Baltimore

Dissertation: "Making it Happen: Understanding Factors Related to Improved Worker and Organizational Fidelity to a Child Maltreatment Prevention Program"


Rosemary Bernstein
University of California-San Francisco

PhD, Clinical Psychology, University of Oregon

Dissertation: "Validating Early Screeners for Insecure and Disorganized Infant-Mother Attachment: An Important Step Toward Connecting Families with Appropriate Early Interventions"


Daniel Busso
FrameWorks Institute

PhD, Education, Harvard University

Dissertation: "Early Identification of Risk and Resilience in Adolescents Exposed to Child Maltreatment: Neurobiological and Psychological Mechanisms"


Leah Cheatham
University of Alabama

PhD, Social Work, The Florida State University

Dissertation: "'Aging Out' with Disabilities: Predictors of Educational Attainment
and Employment"


Aislinn Conrad-Hiebner
University of Iowa

PhD, Social Welfare, The University of Kansas

Dissertation: "The Economic Conditions and Risk for Child Physical Abuse per Maternal Report: The Mediating Role of Parental Stress"


Catherine Corr
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

PhD, Special Education, University of Illinois

Dissertation: "Bridging Illinois’ Early Intervention and Child Protective Service
Systems: Understanding the needs of professionals serving abused children with disabilities."


Leah Gjertson
Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago

PhD, Social Welfare, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dissertation: "Financial capability of foster youth: Understanding the role of financial capability in promoting financial stability and family functioning"


Chelsea Smith Gonzalez

PhD, Sociology, University of Texas-Austin

Dissertation: "Family and Neighborhood Contexts of Child Maltreatment"


Brianna Lemmons
Baylor University

PhD, Social Work, Howard University

Dissertation: "Exploring the Multiple Determinants of Father Involvement Among Non-Resident African American Fathers: A Mixed Methods Approach"


Megan Madison
PhD candidate, Social Policy, Brandeis University

Dissertation: "Professionalization Can’t Mean Whitening: A Critical Race Analysis of Early Care and Education Workforce Policy"


Erin Marsh

MS, Criminal Justice and Criminology, Georgia State University


Meredith Matone
PolicyLab at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

PhD, Public Health, Johns Hopkins University 

Dissertation: "Adolescent Mothers Involved with Child Welfare: The Intersection of Health and Maltreatment"



Katherine Paschall
Child Trends

PhD, Family Studies and Human Development, The University of Arizona

Dissertation: "Risk & Resilience in Low-Income Families: Linking contextual risks, parenting style, and child socioemotional development and maltreatment"


Abigail Ross
Fordham Univeristy

PhD, Social Work, Boston University

Dissertation: "Promoting Well-Being in Military Families with Young Children: A Mixed-Methods Examination of the Construct of Parental Social Support during Deployment and Reintegration"


Alayna Schreier
Yale School of Medicine

PhD, Clinical Psychology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Dissertation: "Early Head Start Home Visitor's Identification of Risk for Maltreatment"