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Leah Bartley
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

PhD, Social Work, University of Maryland-Baltimore

Dissertation: "Making it Happen: Understanding Factors Related to Improved Worker and Organizational Fidelity to a Child Maltreatment Prevention Program"


Rosemary Bernstein
University of California-San Francisco

PhD, Clinical Psychology, University of Oregon

Dissertation: "Validating Early Screeners for Insecure and Disorganized Infant-Mother Attachment: An Important Step Toward Connecting Families with Appropriate Early Interventions"


Daniel Busso
FrameWorks Institute

PhD, Education, Harvard University

Dissertation: "Early Identification of Risk and Resilience in Adolescents Exposed to Child Maltreatment: Neurobiological and Psychological Mechanisms"


Leah Cheatham
University of Alabama

PhD, Social Work, The Florida State University

Dissertation: "'Aging Out' with Disabilities: Predictors of Educational Attainment
and Employment"


Aislinn Conrad-Hiebner
University of Iowa

PhD, Social Welfare, The University of Kansas

Dissertation: "The Economic Conditions and Risk for Child Physical Abuse per Maternal Report: The Mediating Role of Parental Stress"


Catherine Corr
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

PhD, Special Education, University of Illinois

Dissertation: "Bridging Illinois’ Early Intervention and Child Protective Service
Systems: Understanding the needs of professionals serving abused children with disabilities."


Leah Gjertson
Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago

PhD, Social Welfare, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dissertation: "Financial capability of foster youth: Understanding the role of financial capability in promoting financial stability and family functioning"


Chelsea Smith Gonzalez

PhD, Sociology, University of Texas-Austin

Dissertation: "Family and Neighborhood Contexts of Child Maltreatment"


Brianna Lemmons
California State University, Los Angeles

PhD, Social Work, Howard University

Dissertation: "Exploring the Multiple Determinants of Father Involvement Among Non-Resident African American Fathers: A Mixed Methods Approach"


Megan Madison
PhD candidate, Social Policy, Brandeis University

Dissertation: "Professionalization Can’t Mean Whitening: A Critical Race Analysis of Early Care and Education Workforce Policy"


Erin Marsh
PhD candidate, Criminal Justice, Georgia State University

Dissertation: "Victim Offender Overlap and Trafficking Victims: Law Enforcement Officer’s Decision Making on Victims"


Meredith Matone
PolicyLab at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

PhD, Public Health, Johns Hopkins University 

Dissertation: "Adolescent Mothers Involved with Child Welfare: The Intersection of Health and Maltreatment"



Katherine Paschall
Child Trends

PhD, Family Studies and Human Development, The University of Arizona

Dissertation: "Risk & Resilience in Low-Income Families: Linking contextual risks, parenting style, and child socioemotional development and maltreatment"


Abigail Ross
Fordham Univeristy

PhD, Social Work, Boston University

Dissertation: "Promoting Well-Being in Military Families with Young Children: A Mixed-Methods Examination of the Construct of Parental Social Support during Deployment and Reintegration"


Alayna Schreier
Yale School of Medicine

PhD, Clinical Psychology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Dissertation: "Early Head Start Home Visitor's Identification of Risk for Maltreatment"