PhD, Social Work, Arizona State University
Cohort Three Fellow

Academic Mentor
Judy Krysik
Professor, Arizona State University

Policy Mentor
Michael Schafer
Professor, Director of Research, School of Social Work, Arizona State University

Current Institutional Affiliation
Western New Mexico University: Professor
National Association of Social Workers: New Mexico Division

Areas of Expertise

Trauma, Domestic Violence, Prevention/Intervention


Dr. Elisa Kawam received her PhD in Social Work at Arizona State University. Her primary area of interest is in intergenerational/multigenerational traumatic exposure, symptoms, coping mechanisms and health effects. Dr. Kawam currently studies trauma/PTSD, adult attachment, and parenting in child welfare populations but her interest includes other vulnerable and systematically oppressed groups. Dr. Kawam integrates into her work the study of neurobiology, epigenetics, and gene expression in relation to adversity and chronic stress. Dr. Kawam takes a public health approach to social work and has experience in both teaching and researching micro and macro aspects of social welfare.

Dr. Kawam is the Executive Director of the National Association of Social Workers: New Mexico Chapter.