PhD, Social Work, Boston University
Cohort Four Fellow

Academic Mentor
Gail Steketee
Boston University School of Social Work  

Policy Mentor
Patricia Barron
Director of Family Programs, Association of the United States Army

Current Institutional Affiliation
Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service: Assistant Professor

Areas of Expertise

Evidence-Based/Evidence-Informed Programs, Families and Family Systems, Mental Health and Well-Being


Abigail (Abby) Ross, PhD, MSW, MPH is an Assistant Professor at the Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Notre Dame; she earned Master’s degrees in Social Work and Public Health and a joint doctorate in Social Work & Sociology from Boston University.

Grounded in a public health perspective, Dr. Ross’s research focuses on advancing knowledge about the development and trajectory of health and mental health problems in vulnerable children and families, development and testing of culturally responsive family interventions designed to prevent these problems, and systemic factors that promote sustainable delivery of evidence-based interventions and their adaptations.

Dr. Ross’s areas of research include preventive intervention development, evidence-based practice, community-based participatory research, and implementation science. She has received extensive clinical training in family-based interventions and cognitive-behavioral therapy and has over 10 years of practice experience working in hospital-based emergency and outpatient psychiatry settings, healthcare, and the field of home visiting.