Cohort Four Fellow   

Academic Mentor
Mary Finn
Policy Mentor
Sarah Cook
Associate Professor/Associate Dean Member, Community Psychology Program

Current Institutional Affiliation
Polaris: Data and Research Associate

Areas of Expertise

Human Trafficking, Evidence Based/Evidence Informed Programs, Qualitative Research


Erin is a Data and Research Associate at Polaris. As part of the Data Analysis Program at Polaris, Erin works on the development of Polaris’s data driven typologies and additional research agendas. This program is informed by research and engagement with survivors and multi-disciplinary stakeholders. She previously worked as a Graduate Assistant with the Human Rights Program at The Carter Center, specializing on violence against women issues. She has spent over 6 years researching and working on topics such as intimate partner violence and human trafficking. She also has experience working on grant writing and reporting and working with government and non-governmental organizations to apply for grants for more assistance programs to address the needs of domestic violence and human trafficking victims. She is a graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology with a BS in Psychology. She also received her Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Georgia State University.