PhD, Social Work, University of Chicago (Year)
Cohort Two Fellow

Academic Mentor
Jennifer Bellamy
Associate Professor, University of Denver

Policy Mentor
Andrea Palmer
Acting Chief, Bureau of Child and Adolescent Health, Illinois Department of Human Services

Current Institutional Affiliation
University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration: Lecturer

Areas of Expertise

Child Welfare and Foster Care SystemsEarly Childhood Education and InitiativesEvidence-Based/Evidence-Informed ProgramsHome Visiting and Maltreatment PreventionImplementation ScienceMaternal HealthPrevention ScienceProgram EvaluationLatent Class Analysis or Cluster AnalysisHierarchical Linear ModelingRegression ModelingStructural Equation ModelsFathersFormerly Incarcerated Individuals, Homeless Families and Young PeopleInfants and ToddlersLow-Income Families and Individuals


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