PhD, Public Administration and International Affairs, Syracuse University (2013)
Cohort One Fellow

Academic Mentor
Leonard Lopoo
Associate Professor of Public Administration and International Affairs, Syracuse University's Maxwell School of Public Administration and International Affairs

Policy Mentor
Julie Cecile
Executive Director, McMahon/Ryan Child Advocacy Site

Current Institutional Affiliation
University of Connecticut: Assistant Professor

Areas of Expertise
Child Welfare and Foster Care Systems, Families and Family SystemsMaternal Health, Program Evaluation, Difference in Difference Modeling, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Regression Modeling, Adolescents and Young Adults, Low-Income Families and Individuals


Dr. Raissian is an Assistant Professor of Public Policy at the University of Connecticut. Her research interests are linked by a common focus on child and family policy. Dr. Raissian's dissertation, “Assessing the Role and Impact of Public Policy on Child and Family Violence,” evaluated the efficacy of policies designed to reduce violence directed towards intimate partners, children, and other family members. She has published a paper in the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management (co-authored with Leonard M. Lopoo), which reviewed natalist policies in the United States. Her current projects include studies on the role of policy in addressing family violence, contraception subsidies, understanding how policy generates family complexity, data collection and decision making in the child protective system, and the impact of early childhood investments on child well-being. Dr. Raissian's professional background includes nearly 10 years of government and nonprofit sector experience, which focused on serving abused adults and children. Please visit or view her CV for additional information.