PhD, Public Administration and International Affairs, Syracuse University
Cohort One Fellow

Academic Mentor
Leonard Lopoo
Associate Professor of Public Administration and International Affairs, Syracuse University's Maxwell School of Public Administration and International Affairs

Policy Mentor
Julie Cecile
Executive Director, McMahon/Ryan Child Advocacy Site

Current Institutional Affiliation
University of Connecticut: Assistant Professor

Areas of Expertise
Economic Supports for Families, Families and Family Systems, Quasi-Experimental Methods


Dr. Raissian is an Assistant Professor of Public Policy at the University of Connecticut, and her research considers the role of policy in promoting healthy children and families. Raissian's work falls into three main categories: The effect of policy on family violence and child well-being, evaluating the role of health insurance and select interventions, and understanding the role of policy in family composition and fertility decisions. Her work is situated in the child maltreatment, economics, health policy, policy analysis, social work, and sociology literatures. In addition to research design, she uses quantitative techniques to address her research questions.

She has also relied heavily on her professional experiences as a family violence advocate to formulate research questions and interpret results. She has published in the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management (JPAM), Child Maltreatment, Child Abuse & Neglect, Population Research and Policy Review, the European Journal of Ageing, among others. Her paper, “Hold Your Fire: Did the 1996 Federal Gun Control Act Expansion Reduce Domestic Homicides?” was awarded the 2016 Vernon Memorial Prize for the best paper in JPAM. And recently, “Heed Neglect: Disrupt Child Maltreatment” – a paper co-authored with Bullinger, Feely, and Schneider, all Doris Duke Fellows - was chosen as EndCAN’s best research paper in their Disruption Call for Papers.