PhD, Clinical Psychology, University of Nebraska, Lincoln (2014)
Cohort One Fellow

Academic Mentor
David J. Hansen
Professor, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Policy Mentor
Brian Wilcox
Professor, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Current Institutional Affiliation
College of Charleston: Assistant Professor

Areas of Expertise
Child Welfare and Foster Care Systems, Evidence-Based/Evidence-Informed Programs, Home Visiting and Maltreatment Prevention, Maternal Health, Mental Health and Well-Being, Case Study Research, Mixed Methods, Infants and Toddlers, Low-Income Families and Individuals, Preschool-aged Children, School-aged Children, Preventative Treatments for At-Risk Families, Prevention of Repeat Adolescent Pregnancy and Rapid Repeat Pregnancy, Early Head Start


Dr. Hubel is an assistant professor at the College of Charleston. She received her PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Dr. Hubel's area of research is in prevention of child maltreatment and promotion of nurturing early care environments for young children. Child maltreatment is an enormous public health problem that has detrimental impacts on children’s psychosocial and physical health outcomes. Intervention that prevents maltreatment can help families and communities create environments that promote children’s health and well-being and their ability to grow to be healthy, happy, and productive adults. Thus far, Dr. Hubel has examined the impact of community programs, such as Early Head Start, that seek to strengthen families against various risk factors that increase the likelihood of occurrence of child maltreatment.