September 2018 Newsletter


Doris Duke Fellowships Annual Meeting

This month, the 30 Doris Duke Fellows from Cohorts Seven and Eight came together at Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago for the fellowships’ Annual Meeting. Both Cohorts spent two days at Chapin Hall getting to know one another and their research interests, attending workshops, and hearing from experts across the field of child well-being.

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Highlights of presentations included:

A special thanks to Cohort Four fellow, Catherine Corr, Cohort Five fellow, Elizabeth Jarpe-Ratner, Cohort One fellow, Bart Klika, Cohort Five fellow, Francesca Longo, and from Northwestern University and Lurie Children’s Hospital, Faith Summersett-Ringgold for their participation in the career panel.


Article Spotlight


Fellows Updates:

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Lindsay Zajac, Cohort Seven fellow, published an article entitled "Attachment Disorganization in Infancy: A Developmental Precursor to Maladaptive Social Information Processing at Age Eight", in Child Development. Lindsay’s Academic Mentor, Mary Dozier, and Cohort Eight fellow, Christina Mondi-Rago’s Policy Mentor, Elizabeth Carlson, are co-authors.       


Upcoming Dates: