PhD, Clinical Psychology, University of Oregon
Cohort Six Fellow

Academic Mentor
Phil Fisher
Director of Clinical Training/Philip H. Knight Chair/Professor, Psychology Department, University of Oregon

Policy Mentor
Marcia Moriarta
Professor, Executive Director and Division Chief, University of New Mexico Department of Pediatrics, University of New Mexico Center for Development and Disability

Current Institutional Association
Drs. Antonia Forster, Michael Fulop, and Ana Cragnolino Private Practice

Areas of Expertise

Evidence-Based/Evidence-Informed Programs, Mental Health and Well-Being, Families and Family Systems


Melissa Marquardt graduated with a PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Oregon in 2018. Her research in Dr. Phil Fisher’s Stress, Neurobiology, and Prevention Lab at the University of Oregon focused on the use of a strength based video coaching program to target the prevention of child maltreatment by reducing parenting stress and increasing maternal responsiveness in high risk samples.

Dr. Marquardt’s clinical experiences in graduate school and while on internship included assessment and treatment of children, adolescents, and young adults with significant emotional and behavioral challenges due to depression, anxiety, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, PTSD, or other environmental factors. She received specialized training and experience assessing and treating children and adolescents with challenging behaviors due to disruptions in their caregiving environment such as a history of foster care or adoption. Dr. Marquardt is currently a post-doctoral Psychologist Resident at Behavioral Diagnostics & Treatment working under the supervision of Dr. Antonia Forster, Dr. Michael Fulop, and Dr. Ana Cragnolino.