PhD, Public Policy Analysis, Indiana University
Cohort Six Fellow


Academic Mentor
Maureen Pirog
Rudy Professor of Policy Analysis, School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University

Policy Mentor
Mindi Goodpaster
Director, Public Policy and Advocacy Analysis, Marion County Commission on Youth

Current Institutional Affiliation
Georgia Tech University: Assistant Professor

Areas of Expertise

Low-Income Families and Individuals, Program Evaluation, Economic Supports for Families


Lindsey Bullinger, PhD, is an Assistant Professor in the School of Public Policy and a faculty affiliate in the Health Economics and Analytics Lab (HEAL) at Georgia Tech. Her research examines how public policies affect children and families’ health and well-being, with a particular focus on low-income families. She earned her PhD from Indiana University in 2018. Prior to entering her PhD program, Dr. Bullinger worked with a multiservice residential treatment center for children with emotional, behavioral, and psychiatric disturbances in Syracuse, New York. Dr. Bullinger was also a policy analyst at Indiana Public Policy Institute, where she was involved in projects related to homelessness and education. She earned an MPA from Syracuse University and a BA from Miami University.