Clinical Child Psychology, University of Kansas
Cohort Six Fellow

Academic Mentor
Yo Jackson
Professor, Clinical Child Psychology Program, University of Kansas

Policy Mentor
Kelly McCauley
Director of Evidence Informed Initiatives, KVC Health Systems

Areas of Expertise

Mental Health and Well-Being, Child Welfare and Foster Care Systems, Preschool-aged Children


Lindsay Huffhines is a doctoral candidate in the Clinical Child Psychology Program at the University of Kansas. She is currently completing her clinical internship at the Alpert Medical School of Brown University. Her research focuses on how child maltreatment affects the development of physical and mental health problems, and how psychobiological factors such as family environment, inflammation, and emotion regulation underlie this relationship. Her dissertation focuses on how family cohesion interacts with adversity exposure to impact inflammatory proteins in maltreated preschoolers. She received funding for this project from NICHD via an F31 award, as well as several other grant sources. Ms. Huffhines has worked on several federally funded studies examining risk and resilience in vulnerable populations, including foster youth and young children involved in the child welfare system. Prior to doctoral training, Ms. Huffhines received a Fulbright Research Fellowship to implement a study in Iceland examining how social systems affect parental support of sexually abused children, and subsequently children’s mental health. The Icelandic Research Fund awarded her a grant to extend this project through 2017. Ms. Huffhines holds a BA in Psychology and English from Texas A&M University and an MS in Marriage and Family Therapy from Texas Tech University.