Sociology and Social Policy, Harvard University
Cohort Six Fellow

Academic Mentor
Devah Pager
Professor, Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard University Department of Sociology

Policy Mentor
Julie Wilson
Senior Lecturer in Social Policy, Harvard Kennedy School

Areas of Expertise

Child Welfare and Foster Care Systems, Low-Income Families and Individuals, Ethnography


Kelley Fong is a PhD candidate in sociology and social policy at Harvard University, studying families’ engagement with social policies, systems, and supports. Her current work draws on fieldwork with Child Protective Services (CPS) social workers, mandated CPS reporters, and mothers investigated by CPS to examine the emergence, meaning, and implications of CPS reports for families. She is particularly interested in the challenges that arise in a system that combines supportive and punitive intervention.

Kelley’s other research projects examine school choice and residential decision-making. She holds a BA in history and American Studies from Stanford University and an AM in sociology from Harvard University. Before beginning her doctoral studies, Kelley contributed to research on community college reforms at MDRC and worked on child welfare system reform efforts.